Whenever possible my photographs and videos accompany my print work. My goals: To shoot one to three assignments a week. I cover an area almost the size
of Rhode Island in northern Penobscot County, one of the most economically challenged rural areas of Maine. The stories will appear in separate windows or tabs.

Lincoln firefighter’s rotary phones keep department online

Firefighter Ken Goslin's collection of telephones rescued the Lincoln Fire Department. This is one of my first videos to spin off a story by focusing on Goslin's basement hideout. Mancaves would make a great series for videos.

Story, Photos, Video.

New Hampshire investor in torrefied wood has drawn more than $142M in tax breaks, state loan

Cate Street Capital had never run a paper mill. Arguably the company’s biggest reason for coming to Maine is to try a commercially untested technology without contractually guaranteed customers or suppliers, but the company has received at least $142 million in tax breaks and guaranteed loans since 2011.


Spectrum of reactions to Michaud coming out: shock, surprise, ‘we all knew it’

U.S. Rep. and gubernatorial candidate Mike Michaud's being gay was well known, but Katahdin region residents expressed shock that he announced it.


Mystery thriller ‘The Girl in the Lake’ returns movie magic to The Magic City

The independent film, “The Girl in the Lake,” is the second film shot in Millinocket and surrounding areas in the last two years. It’s part of a recent flurry of movies based in the state.

Story, Photos.

Where’s the development? Greenville businesses wonder when Plum Creek’s ambitious plan will become reality

A Seattle landowner proposes to build up to 975 second homes and two resorts near Moosehead Lake in the next 30 years. But after 300 hours of hearings, millions of dollars in legal fees and nearly seven years of debate, the biggest question remaining among town businesses: When?


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